Friday, June 26, 2009

Stimulus Update

Several months ago, President Obama was here in Columbus holding a press conference to promote his stimulus package. He was with 25 police officers who's jobs had been saved because stimulus money was going to be used to pay their salaries for the next year. Here's an update on how that's working out:

So, now Columbus is saying they need to raise taxes (above the current 2% city-levied income tax) in order to prevent the layoff of nearly 300 police officers, including the 25 President Obama claims he saved. It's been just a few months, not a year, and we already need more money to keep going. This is yet another piece of evidence that large government spending is not sustainable. If you are in debt, it doesn't seem rational to believe that you can spend yourself out of the situation. Yet that's what we're doing, and what is the result? The problem is only being exacerbated. As a student, last year I paid well over 20% of my already meager income to fund government spending that still isn't making up for the deficit, and yet now I'm told I have to pay more to preserve a police force the stimulus package supposedly already funded. I don't have a problem paying taxes and contribution my fair share, but I certainly have a problem when its used in a futile attempt to spend our way out of debt.

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