Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hail the Chief!

How did I miss this interview during the campaign?!?! Had I only known this was his position, I would have decked my house out in Obama '08 signs, worn Obama '08 t-shirts every day, and even helped ACORN register people.

He even said this on ESPN . . . that's like going on MSNBC and saying you're Republican. Good thing he won. We can finally get this country going in the right direction.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

President Obama

Well, it was no surprise to see the election results. In fact, it was downright thoughtful of Ohio, Iowa, and Virginia to seal it up quickly so that I didn't have to stay up much past my bedtime. I joked about donning a red shirt with a hammer and sickle on it and then walk around campus calling everyone "comrade", but then I figured that's a bad idea in one of the counties that helped tip Ohio to Obama. And besides, it's a tongue-in-cheek, crass comment that is not representative of my true sentiments regarding the outcome of the election. In fact, I try to be forward looking and view this as an opportunity to, as Obama himself has said, bring about real change. I sincerely wish President Obama the best as he takes on a tremendous responsibility. A few thoughts:

Cons: Anyone who talks about politics with me knows that Pres. Obama's overall approach to economic policy, including health care, frightens me. What he will actually implement remains to be seen, and I am hoping that his plans to redistribute wealth (in his words) don't get very far. While it will close the income gap, I fear it will do so at the expense of wealth-creating motives. It will close the gap by making the affluent poor, not by making the poor affluent. (You can probably just pick a post below at random to learn why I feel that way!) I also worry that President Obama is a little more arrogant than most politicians, but that's really just a personality thing. I suppose another could call it confidence. I am concerned about how he seems to view corporations as endless supplies of government wealth and not as organizations filled with people. Taxing corporations as punishment for outsourcing jobs is not only a poor reason for levying a tax, but since corporations are made up of profit-maximizing individuals, will likely only make the outsourcing problem worse (depending on precisely how the tax is levied). Finally, I worry about his apparent views concerning the class-structure of society. He seems to view the poor as a class of oppressed people who are now rallying behind him in an effort to rise up and beat the rich. That is not the attitude of a uniter. Perhaps I am mistaken in how I have interpreted some of the things he says, but it is a concern nonetheless.

Pros: The international community currently has a very favorable opinion of President Obama. This puts him in a strong position -- and a position not recently enjoyed by his predecessor -- to make big inroads into resolving foreign relations disputes through diplomatic means. I hope and pray that he is able to harness the power of such a position to be successful on this front. The last thing I want is more war. He carries himself well, and if our nation's face to the world is of concern, President Obama should be able to improve that image. He has a very excited and energetic base. If he can transfer that excitement and energy away from campaign-season-love-of-a-candidate to a desire to hit the streets and start working together to figure out and accomplish what is right for this country, then we may go a long way yet. He has the demeanor that is necessary to be a uniter. He strikes me as a moral man as well -- that is something our country desperately needs.

Either way, my prayers go out to the leadership of this country, as they long have. I will also try to rededicate myself to learning truth and working to make my community a good one.

God Bless America.


Edit: I forgot one more pro: I don't have to listen to, nor look at, Sen. McCain anymore.