Friday, March 7, 2008

McCain's Position on the Political Spectrum

Just a thought... I believe John McCain could quite possibly be the first candidate ever in history who, upon securing his party's nomination and beginning a general election campaign, has run further to the right instead of more toward the middle.


Monday, March 3, 2008

Are Corporations Evil

I've been hearing a lot of rhetoric around the good state of Ohio lately as we prepare for the nasty primary election coming up tomorrow. A good deal of it is anti corporation. So I pose the question: Are corporations that evil? Recently someone gave a speech where they basically told people to go into industry jobs (as opposed to corporate jobs) because their candidate's plans will take away corporate profits and give it to the poor who deserve it. Now, I advocate helping the poor, but is stealing people's hard-earned income a good way to do it? I think we should be able to 1) choose our own vocations without the government trying to give incentives us one way or the other using tax tricks and 2) expect to earn a decent living on our own strength, again without the government getting in the way. So what is it about corporations that is so bad? I always thought that it was the innovation of business to find a niche that the consumers want and sell them a product and earn money that was the foundation of our economy. Which, incidentally, is the largest and most successful in the world. (By most key indicators, particularly per-capita GDP.) I'm just getting sick of this idea that we need to beat down the evil business men. Good grief. If helping the poor is our goal, lets get out and help the poor. But not at the expense of those whose hard work got them something good.


Edit: Apparently I need to either slow down when I write or repeat English 101. My grammar is terrible... ;-)

Edit 2: I don't like the last line anymore. I want to add a word. It should be "But not at the forced expense of those whose hard work got them something good." I think if your hard work got you something good, you should go out and share that something with others.