Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Break from Politics

Really, the reason I haven't written for a while has not been lack of time, but rather desire. You'd think I wouldn't be surprised that politics gets dirty and subsequently disgusts me, but I always am. I don't know... I guess I looked at the field at the beginning of the season and was quite optimistic. On the red side, we had a bunch of people who I took to be honest, decent, moral individuals. On the blue side, we had those that seemed optimistic and hopeful. And while I don't think that their individual good qualities have diminished any, it just seems that the demons are now coming out. McCain and Romney are calling each other the dreaded L-word, Huckabee turned out to be someone I can't support at all, and Clinton and Obama apparently hate each other.

I'm looking for the guy who can come out and run a campaign that's clean, honest, and consists of telling people why they will be good and not why the other guy in evil. I want someone who can lead with optimism and unity, not cheap fluff about hope while continuing to propagate partisan division. I have yet to find that person.

And without saying names, let me just say that if the current GOP frontrunner ends up winning the White House somehow, I'm gonna move to Mexico.